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Pokemon is a Japanese franchise controlled by The Pokemon Company, a collaboration between Japanese video games companies Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures. Franchise was created in 1995 in the form of video games for the Game Boy, a portable video console made by Nintendo.


The games were centered around some virtual creatures called Pokemon, that pokemon coaches could catch them, to train them and participate in the fight against others in some form of sporting activity. Franchising has become very popular in the world and has come to include video games, books, cartoons and animated movies, comics and toys, being considered one of the most profitable series of video games worldwide with over 279 million copies of games sold globally.


Pokemon influenced in a very profound way popular culture that appeared on the cover of the famous magazine TIME in 1999, and the largest airline in Japan participated in a campaign wide promotion of the franchise in the late 90: drew Pokemon figures on planes owned by the company, and the interior was redesigned to provide Pokemon complete experience.

Unlike other video games, where you need to site in front of a computer or a television, Pokemon Go forces to physically visit locations that are assigned by chance pokemon. Some are contained in eggs, and in order to break needed to walk a distance of several kilometers.

Many players have posted on social networks as they did muscle – feet after they have walked for hours in hopes of finding the creatures that appear on the map; even the developers admitted that one of the goals was to make people come out for movement. Moreover, physical activity that users do when playing Pokemon Go could have beneficial effects for people suffering from depression and anxiety. According to Dr. John Grohol, an expert on the impact of technology on people and mental health, people suffering from depression are almost nonexistent level of motivation and a simple activity that went out becomes very difficult to do.

Pokemon Go could ease this difficulty and could thus contribute to a better mental health. Even if it was not designed to treat depression and anxiety, there were posts on social networks where users suffering from mental illness praise the game because they provide motivation to leave the house, they reduce feelings of anxiety and helps them to socialize with friends and strangers. Pokemon Go contains a function called “Lure Module”, which offers the opportunity to catch a pokemon in the place where it was activated. Pokemon Go cheats will help to limit game time because it will help you find the pokemon.

These are the supposed benefits of the game. Pokemon Go has, however, a dark side. Many users are so focused on what happens on the screen while go, that they forget to pay attention to the real dangers around them. A recent article in the Daily Mail presented the most common health problems that confront players Pokemon: sunburn, blisters on feet, sprains, fractures or broken bones.


One user posted that he broke his collarbone, while others have sprained ankles, where she was being careful. Some even suffered severe injuries: two American men fell off a cliff while playing Pokemon Go, and a girl of 15 years was hit by a car as he crossed a main road in the search for Pokemon. Moreover, although many psychologists have praised the game for the beneficial effects of mental health, others warn of the risk of addiction. Perhaps not surprisingly, with the increase in popularity of the game occurred and businesses who take advantage of this global phenomenon.

A couple of Texas launched a taxi service for players of Pokemon Go. Grant Fowler and Chris Amburn are business owners, and say promotes safety aspect: lead players to Pokestops or locations where the Pokemons and they can play quietly, without being at risk.

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