Madden Mobile Features

Madden Mobile Features

Football has always been a game to give cricket a fight for its place in the minds of people. Be it kid, be it a teenager or an adult, most of us are supported to have a football in our lifetime, being a boy makes it even more important. Now, some find cricket better; some find football better. But its rage has always been high.

Now, what makes football so important? Every game is fun when there is competition, isn’t it? Football has a lot of it. Physically you need to reach your goals so as to attain your prize; you miss, and it’s gone to the other team. The adrenaline that is flowing through your body when you’re either defending or goalkeeping or whatsoever is unimaginable. That is why it is often said, “Do or die.” You either do it and win or you lose.

Madden mobile nfl

    • Technology: Now, with football being given so much priority, why should technology lack behind. The software makers also decided to take the game up a notch and made software’s that can be played sitting right in the comfort of your home and not a field. We have seen several video games that we can play, and one of them is Madden NFL Mobile. It’s an American footballvideo game that is made on the basis of the National Football League and was published by the EA Sports. It was released for iOS and android platforms together on August 26, 2014.
    • Madden NFL Mobile: Madden Mobileis the mobile version featuring players and cards. In order to avail these features players have to participate in “Live Events.” These events will also earn the players cards and coins.
    • There is also another mode available called, “season.” This feature allows the users to play a 16 game season. Also, the players of the game can spend actual money to purchase several things if they are a freemium player.
    • Madden Mobile features the general football rules. It has several scoring mechanics such as field goals, touchdowns, andsafeties. It also has features like real life games such as long passes, short passes, play action passes & run for the offense and man coverage, zone coverage, and blitz for defense.
    • The mobile game also features four different plays always available such as punts, field goals,quarterback kneels and spikes. Also, four different styles of kick off, kick returns, punt, and punt returns are there.
  • You can build your own team: this mobile game features stars from past and present, so you can build up your own teams and compete with several other teams. This is done with the help of the Auction house. Upgrading your features will help you compete better.

These are some of the features of the Madden NFL Mobile Game that are majorly important for the beginners and both the pro players. Go through these to have a smooth experience while you use it either on your phone or laptops. Remember to enjoy!

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